Besides being a tourist point, Ponta Negra is the most noble neighborhood of Manaus. In the process of modernizing the urban space of the neighborhood, the landscape intervention of the beach of Ponta Negra resulted in a large architectural complex, such as the boardwalk, amphitheater and restaurants, which changed the landscape and appreciated the area, already quite rich by its natural beauty. Closer to the banks of the Rio Negro are the large enclosed condominiums, high-standard residential areas and more valued Manaus in front of a privileged and exuberant setting. The Ponta Negra neighborhood is also the main growth vector of Manaus. A region that values ​​itself every day with the investments it receives in road, residential, commercial, leisure and cultural infrastructure.

Originally it was inhabited by the Indians Manaus, that gave origin to the name of the city. It has an infrastructure that has transformed it into one of the main sights of the city and a meeting point for people of all ages.

Built in the 90's, Ponta Negra leisure complex modernized about 2 km from the edge of the Rio Negro, at the western end of the city, providing this space with sports courts, bars and various other services. However, without receiving any maintenance during the following years, the place deteriorated little by little until it was almost completely abandoned. A stark contrast when we think the complex is located in the most noble neighborhood of Manaus with its luxurious residential buildings.

There are a large number of national and international artistic presentations, such as Fifa Fan Fest in 2014. It offers a wide range of culture to its customers, who often seek exercise and sports or simply enjoy the natural beauties of the The beach, with its hydromassage boardwalks with nocturnal steam vapor lighting, amphitheater, fine sand and lukewarm water, offers its visitors amenities such as parking and restaurants with typical food, which makes the beach a modern tourist complex. complete.