Who flies over the East Zone of Manaus is enchanted by the beauty and grandeur of the Adolpho Ducke Forest Reserve, spreading for about 100 km2. Now the natural curiosity about what lies beneath the tops of this giant natural rug can already be satiated in a visit to the Botanical Garden of Manaus Adolpho Ducke.

The Garden is the new space offered by the City to its inhabitants and domestic and foreign tourists, making reality the desire of those who seek the emotion of unveiling the wonders of the Amazon biodiversity contained in the Reserve. At the entrance, there is a basic complex of buildings, consisting of a monument alluding to the noble woods of the Amazon, a pavilion of events, a canteen, a library, administrative rooms, general services rooms, bathrooms and nurseries of seedlings.

Then, the visitor is confronted with the interpretive trails, in an environment (minimally) altered only for the opening of the paths leading to the plateau and terra firme forests. Throughout the centuries, botanical gardens have been indispensable instruments for the scientific and cultural development, cradle of considerable floristic patrimony, providing material for studies and researches, promoting the conservation of the flora and the protection of species threatened with extinction. The Botanical Garden Adolpho Ducke is one of the few in the world to be born with strong environmental and social appeal in the process of city planning of the City.

 The surrounding communities are being stimulated and prepared to work in the manufacture and sale of handicraft products and in the provision of services. Adults will provide cleaning, surveillance and gardening services. As for the young, they are already being selected to be incorporated into the Guias do Parque project. Besides the work, the communities also integrate the environmental education programs, organized with the objective of making it possible to better understand and assimilate the importance of the preservation of the Reserve, as a factor of environmental quality for the entire City.

Thus, the public place offers systematically a whole set of activities of relevant cultural and environmental interest.

 • Interpretive trails, with guide service;
 • Library specializing in serving those seeking information on botany and the environment;
 • Collection aimed at middle and high school students;
 • Exhibitions, events and courses with environmental themes;
 • Environmental education;
 • Seedling production;
 • Spaces for the development of research.

Visits to the Botanical Garden of Manaus Adolpho Ducke allow a close intimacy with the forest, which can be traversed along almost 3 km, through interpretive trails. The contrast between tall and low trees, the invasion of the sun's rays kills indoors, lianas, creepers, young and old trunks, mushrooms, fungi and flowers; The singing of dozens of birds, the characteristic sounds of the animals that inhabit the place, everything, finally, is at the disposal of the attentive senses of those who know how to decipher and understand the beauties of the place.

Rua Uirapuru, s / n - Cidade de Deus - Zona Leste
Phone: (92) 642-1010 Extension 218
Manaus, Am

Administrative Center: Tuesdays on Sundays from 08:00 to 18:00.
Ecological trails: Tuesdays on Sundays, from 08:30 to 12:00 and from 14:30 to 16:00.